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All the tools you need to improve at cubing.

The most advanced Rubik's Cube timer, trainer, analytics, and community.






1v1 Matches

15+ Years

Spent Cubing

Hero design for
Rubik's Cube professional timer with module for solves, stats, and solve chart.

Pro Timer

All the features you need in a timer to cube with no distractions.

  • Focus mode
  • StackMat support
  • Manual time entry
  • Inspection mode
  • Change cube type
  • Up to 3 decimal points
  • Hotkeys
  • Lock, copy, and reset scramble
Analytics and stats


Explore in-depth stats made specifically for cubers.

  • View progress over time
  • Break down solve time distribution
  • Cubing career stats
  • 1v1 stats
  • Event-specific breakdown
  • Lock, copy, and reset scramble


Cozy background, focus mode, non-stop cubing.

Modern Design

Cubing software is long overdue for a makeover, and that's exactly what CubeDesk offers. Modern design, clean interface, and user-friendly.

Modal showing a 10.60 second solve of the Rubik's Cube. The scramble of the cube is displayed along with the scramble visual.


With thousands of users, CubeDesk is one of the biggest cubing communities where you can make friends, share your PBs and 1v1 others.

"1v1" in the center of the image surrounded by these icons: heart, chat, Discord, Instagram, Reddit, and a Rubik's Cube. In the four corners are these words: Leaderboards, Profiles, Friends, and Marketplace.

Easy Transfer

Transfer all of your data from csTimer to CubeDesk with just a few click. Export, import, start cube. Simple.

Three steps to transfer your data from csTimer to CubeDesk. 1. Export csTimer session. 2. Open import module on CubeDesk. 3. Select file and import!

Why Switch

Advanced trainer

Advanced Trainer

All the algorithms you need to train like the pros.

  • 750+ trainers
  • Create custom trainers
  • Marketplace with hundreds of free algs


Get full control over how CubeDesk looks. A Pro membership will give you even more options.

Freeze time0.2s
Hide time when solving cubetrue
Require period in entryfalse
Confirm delete solvesfalse
Time decimal points3
Import data from csTimeryou know it
Primary theme colorgreen
Secondary theme colorblue

Customize Everything

Choose from dozens of options to customize CubeDesk exactly to your liking.

Custom trainer

Custom Trainer

Don't see the algorithm you're learning in the curated list? Create your own!

  • 2x2 and 3x3 supported
  • 3D cube designer
  • Share or download custom trainers from marketplace